Impossible List

Yet another idea I’ve pinched from Jase Rodley. Thanks mate.

Ever since reading The Four Hour Workweek, I’ve quite enjoyed ‘dreamlining’ and thinking about loads of cool shit that I’d like to be, do or have. An interesting point raised by Jase on his list is that most of us tend to err on the side of safety without realising that ‘easy’ goals often take just as much effort as difficult ones.

Thinking back to my life 15 years ago and knowing what lay in store would have seemed like an impossibility.

Below, I’ve compiled an evolving, ever-growing, list that I genuinely want to make happen. The aim isn’t necessarily to realise all of these goals as quickly as possible so some of them could be on here a while. If you want to know what I’m focused on, check out my now page instead.

Importantly, this list will help me to remember some of the incredible stuff that I’ve done. Too often, I think we focus on what’s next rather than appreciating what is or what has been.


  • Snowboard in Colorado
  • Live in SE Asia
    • Visit Bali
    • Visit Vietnam

      • Visit the Cu Chi tunnels
    • Go tubing in Laos
    • Visit Cambodia
    • Visit Myanmar
  • Go to a Full Moon Party
  • Learn to SCUBA dive
    • Do a wreck dive
    • Do a night dive
  • Learn to kitesurf
  • Walk on a glacier
  • See the Northern Lights
  • See an active volcano
  • Swim with Whale Sharks
  • See a blue whale in the wild
  • Visit Monument Valley
  • Drive the North West 500
  • Drive the Pacific Highway
  • Go on safari in Kenya/Tanzania or South Africa
  • Complete all Secret Food Tours (they keep adding new ones but I don’t mind never completing this one)
    • Hong Kong
    • Rome
    • Berlin
    • Madrid

Business & Career

  • Get an expensive degree that I didn’t need
  • Become a freelancer
  • Build and run an agency
    • Then kill it because it’s a terrible business model
  • Buy a business
    • Then shut it down because your realise that this wasn’t actually what you wanted
  • Earn $1k per month from a rank and rent website
  • Build a productized service:
    • with £1k monthly revenue
    • with £5k monthly revenue
    • with £10k monthly revenue
    • with £25k monthly revenue
    • with £50k monthly revenue
    • that no longer requires my time outside of vision and marketing
  • Grow this blog to 20k organic users per month


  • Convince a top girl to be my girlfriend
    • Move in with her
    • Propose to her
    • Get married to her
  • Get a dog
  • Buy a house
  • Have children
    • Don’t fuck it up (WIP)

Fitness & Sport

  • Learn to handstand unsupported for 1 minute
    • Learn to walk on my hands for 10m
  • Get better at pull-ups
    • 5x BW
    • 10x BW
    • 20x BW
  • Get better at dips
    • 5x BW
    • 10x BW
    • 20x BW
  • Get stronger
    • 200kg deadlift x5
    • 170kg back squat x5
    • 115kg bench x5
    • 80kg strict press x5
  • Learn to wheelie a bike

Personal Finance

  • Setup our ISA fund/stock/bond investments (truly passive income) to:
    • Pay our mortgage
    • Pay our ‘financial security’ expenses (mortgage, food, utilities)
    • Pay our ‘financial vitality’ expenses (security + entertainment and enjoyment)
    • Pay our ‘financial independence’ expenses (replaces our current incomes)
    • Pay our ‘financial freedom’ expenses (independence plus some luxury stuff)


  • Get better at playing fingerstyle guitar
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Learn to pick a lock
  • Learn to juggle 3 balls
  • Learn sleight of hand tricks
  • Learn basic bushcraft skills
  • Learn how to draw
  • Learn more languages
    • Learn advanced conversational Spanish
    • Learn basic conversational German
    • Learn basic conversational French
    • Learn basic conversational Thai
    • Learn basic conversational Mandarin
    • Learn basic conversational Arabic