JavaScript Developer

Since 2008, I’ve been working as a JavaScript developer…well, that’s not strictly true. I started out as less of a JavaScript developer and as more of a WordPress developer. Over time, I discovered that I was pretty good at front-end web development and that front end developer salaries were pretty good to. In 2012, I fell into working as a contract developer and never really looked back.

Around 2015, I decided to up-skill on JavaScript development which allowed me to take advantage of the growing number of well-paid web development jobs in the UK. I picked up Angular in 2015, worked on Backbone and React in 2016, and later Vue in 2020.

I love working as a contractor JavaScript developer; I have a constant stream of new challenges and a rich history of projects from which to draw experience.

Key Achievements

  • Diagnosed and fixed an issue for that was costing £1.8MM/yr in unnecessary outbound calls.
  • Setup an abandoned cart email marketing system for an e-commerce client that has recovered over £1 million in lost revenue.
  • Eliminated a high volume of inbound telephone and email enquiries for Marriage Care by creating a book and pay system.
  • Setup version control and a continuous delivery on the Dyno Rod and the National Audit Office projects.
  • Created a system that allowed the rapid deployment 22 of country-level micro sites for the British Council helping their Digital team to get their main project back on schedule.
  • Setup donations facility for local charity bringing in an extra £6K/yr in one-time donations and £12K/yr in regular donations.
  • Recovered four hacked websites for The University of Salford and made sure that there was no loss of content. I helped their owners to understand why this had happened and taught them about how to avoid the same fate in the future.
  • Was part of the team that built and deployed the site which now generates approx 20% of all Rentalcars revenue.
  • Increased user engagement in Betfred’s mobile app by adding live stats to in-play events.

Need a JavaScript developer for your project?

If you’re looking for a contract JavaScript developer feel free to get in touch with me using my contact form.