Where Did The Ukraine Wiki Go?

This morning I spun up a Wiki.js site on Digital Ocean with a view of extracting some of the better content from Reddit to help people looking to donate time or money to help the Ukraninan people defend themselves from invasion.

In trying to draw a bit of attention to the site so that I could get more users and higher quality information into it, I ended up interacting with a couple of folks on Reddit. They weren’t totally cool with the set up and were worried about potential security risks from hackers on the ground.

Normally I’d brush this off as paranoia but the site was intended to help, not hinder, so for the time being I’ve taken the site offline.

I’ve spoken to the mods of /r/ukraine and I think they’re struggling to keep up with the sub as users flood to it (fastest growing subreddit at the moment). I know for a fact that they are struggling to keep the useful information accessible so, who knows, you might see the wiki restored soon enough!

In the meantime, please head over there if you want information on reliable sources of information, information on how to donate to the war effort or how to seek asylum in a friendly country.